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There is more to come

In the adjacent publications use is made of the systematic as it is indicated on page Home . A survey on the current work on 'Opus logico-mathematicus' is shown at the right-hand table. It will give in detail the description of object-language Funcish and metalanguage Mencish, as well as the logical rules obeying correct metalingual treatment. Furthermore it will introduce three kind of concrete calcules relating to natural numbers and recursion:

ALPHA          simple arithmetic functions

                       (essentially Robinson arithmetic)

NU                  recursive functions by programming for the FAGATOR calculator

                       (update of Church-publication of 2006)

LAMBDA       direct introduction of recursive functions by the PINITOR calculator

                       (primitive recursive functions and beyond)

In separate publications there will be abstract calcules too, e.g. :

rho                rational number arithmetic (first-order logic)

deltaalpha   biradical number arithmetic (first-order logic)

delta             algebraical number arithmetic (first-order logic)

eta                biderivational number arithmetic (second-order logic)

zeta              real number arithmetic (third-order logic)