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Church's thesis is questioned by new  calculation paradigm


Church's thesis claims that all effecticely calculable functions are recursive. A shortcoming of the various definitions of recursive functions lies in the fact that it is not a matter of a syntactical check to find out if an entity gives rise to a function. Eight new ideas for a precise setup of arithmetical logic and its metalanguage give the proper environment for the construction of a special computer, the FAGACUS computer. Computers do not come to a necessary halt; it is requested that calculators are constructed on the basis of computers in a way that they always come to a halt, then all calculations are effective. The FAGATOR is defined as a calculator with two-layer-computation. It allows for the calculation of all primitive recursive functions, but multi-level-arbation also allows for the calculation of other fagative functions that are not primitive recursive. The new paradigm of calculation does not have the above mentioned shortcoming. The defenders of Church's thesis are challenged to show that exotic fagative functions are recursive and to put forward a recursive function that is not fagative. A construction with three-tier-multi-level-arbation that includes a diagonalisation leads to the extravagant yet calculable Spark-function that is not arbative. As long as it is not shown that all exotic arbative functions and particularily the Snark-function are arithmetically representable Gödel's first incompleteness sentence is in limbo.

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32 pages, version 2.0 , first publication for priority 07.10.2006 arXiv cs/0610038

Although the publication has received some facelifting by version 2.0 it is somewhat outdated. The Spark counterexample is not described as thoroughly as the Snark counterexample on the next page

Alonzo2.0.pdf (587.56KB)
Alonzo2.0.pdf (587.56KB)